Spirit Ranch

The Spirit Ranch

At the Spirit Ranch, we provide a variety of personalized and integrated therapeutic programs for those with special needs and their families, as well as recreational programs for children and young adults with moderate developmental disabilities.

Activities range from daily riding programs to a 5-day adventure camp complete with horseback riding, cattle drives, river rafting, chuck wagon cookouts, and much more. All activities are designed for the safety and enjoyment of our special needs guests. The Hardys have put together an extensive business plan that includes state-of-the-art safety equipment and facilities for the therapy ranch.

Spirit Ranch offer daily horse therapy classes for our special needs riders and our adventure camp is for those families who want a real taste of the West. Our rustic cabins accommodate a family of 6 for the 5-day camp.

Small groups of professional therapists, trained ranch hands, and volunteers work together to ensure that you and your family have an authentic western experience. Spirit Ranch offers you, not only a hands-on experience with the animals and the great outdoors, but a family adventure you will never forget.

Special needs children and their families are able to come and enjoy the pristine Idaho Mountains, spend time with their loved ones, and receive valuable animal assisted therapy. Most importantly, the children will learn to love themselves, the outdoors, and the animals that lovingly serve them during their time at Spirit Ranch.

Note not all programs or accommodations are in place and built that is why we need your generous support. Thank You .