Wyatt Foundation Outreach

The Wyatt Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation founded in Idaho with the purpose of providing therapy for mentally and physically challenged children and young adults.

The mission of the Foundation is to raise funds in support of the Spirit Ranch and an Intervention Outreach which will allow therapy to start early and work with children through their important growing years.

As a child grows so do their needs, moving through puberty and into those years that groom them for working and leaving home. The Wyatt Foundation's ability to assist and train these young people for the workplace will be a streamlined operation. Working with corporations who see a niche for these challenged individuals will make a difference.

Spirit Ranch is a wonderful place where children and young adults with special needs will be introduced to a whole new world that is unlocked. Just like Wyatt, they can come and enjoy the great outdoors and be prepared for the next steps in their lives.

Why Is Riding a Horse Therapeutic?

The movement of the horse, the rhythmic side-to-side, forward and backward movement is similar to a human. As participants sit atop a horse, their pelvic area, trunk, and upper body move in motion with the horse. This stimulation gently relaxes taut muscles and thereby increases range of motion for the rider. The movement of the trunk encourages riders to work harder to balance their upper bodies, and routine activities develop hand-eye coordination. Learning new routines, sequencing and accessing short-term memory skills assist individuals who otherwise may experience difficulty with these tasks.

As important, being able to participate in an activity like their siblings and able- bodied friends increases self-esteem and confidence.

Outstanding professionals and volunteers will provide specialized therapy, education and family guidance programs, recreational activities, workshops and lots of fun and learning for all guests who visit the ranch. We hope to include Adventure Camps through the spring and summer.

Your generous donation will help The Wyatt Foundation continue to build facilities, open more riding sessions and fund the scholarship program.