Our Mission

Wyatt Foundation Mission

The Wyatt Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation founded in Idaho with the purpose of providing therapy for mentally and physically challenged children and young adults. Our goal for the Foundation is to raise money for the support of Spirit Ranch. The Ranch is a wonderful place where children and young adults with special needs, just like Wyatt, can come and enjoy the great outdoors. Outstanding professionals and volunteers provide specialized therapy programs, recreational activities, and lots of fun for all guests who visit the ranch.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help children and young adults with special needs reach their highest potential in physical, social, educational, and emotional abilities by incorporating a therapeutic horseback riding program as well as other animal assisted therapy activities.

A Sign

I know what you are thinking, I need a sign. What better one could I give than to make this little one whole and new? I can do it, but I will not, I am the lord and not a conjurer. I gave this life, a gift, I denied to all of you, Eternal Innocence. To you he looks imperfect, but to me he is flawless. He will never offend me like all of you have done. He is necessary to you; he will invoke the kindness that will keep you human. His infirmity will prompt you to gratitude for your own good fortune, and more, he will remind you every day that I am who I am, that my ways are not your ways, and that the smallest dust mote world, and darkest space does not fall out of my hand. I have chosen you, you have not chosen me. This little one is my sign to you. Treasure him.

- Morris West-